Pinup Casinos: Privacy

In today’s world, there are many dishonest people who can ruin your online casino experience. To avoid this, we at Pinup casinos have developed a single set of rules and called it our “Privacy Policy”. It contains strict guidelines which, once followed, assure you that your game is safe.

Privacy Policy

What is meant by privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy itself is a specific set of rules. They are designed to keep our customers and their personal information safe. At Pinup casinos, we collect customers’ personal information to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your account. In addition, all the correct data you enter will be used to improve our services. All the data you enter is confidential and secure using state-of-the-art encryption methods.

What is privacy policy

What information must you provide Pinup Casinos?

As already mentioned above, you must enter your personal and correct data when registering. This is a necessary step in verifying your account. Next, you need to accept Pinup’s terms and conditions. The gambling company will require the following data from you:

  • Your personal first and last name;
  • Your actual location;
  • Your email address and phone number;
  • And a picture of a document confirming your identity and selfies.

After entering these data, you confirm that you are the sole owner of the account. Among the rules of use, there is a clause prohibiting creating multiple accounts on the Pinup platform and transferring them for use to third parties. For violation of these rules, the gambling company has the full right to block your profile.

Provided Information

Liability Measures for Violations of the Privacy Policy

The gambling company carefully monitors players’ compliance with the privacy policy. If suspicious activity is noticed on your account, it will first be considered automatically by the service, and then a special department will investigate. If the violation is confirmed, your account will be subject to penalties.

They may take the form of financial restrictions, the imposition of a ban on certain actions, and complete or temporary blocking of the gaming account. We at Pin-Up gambling company, care about customer security and actively monitor all kinds of violations. We will not allow any fraudulent activities or money laundering. If you have a disputable situation, you can always appeal to us by contacting the 24-hour customer support service.

Measures for privacy policy violations